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Hello Futurama-ians, I am Chris, Chris of the Futurama.
Hello Futurama-ians, I am Chris, Chris of the Futurama.
==Additional Info==
I was watching [[wikipedia:Phil of the Future|Phil of the Future]] at the time. No further comment.
===List of my Favourite Quotes...===
====of Futurama====
10) And I'm the other guy, courage (Zoidberg) <br> 
9) Spluh (Amy) <br>
8) Sloops! (Amy) <br>
7) Good news, everyone! (Professor) <br>   
6) Uh, wa? (Professor) <br>
5) More, more! Pull harder, you son of a me! (Mom) <br> 
4) ...although, I already am in my pajamas. (Professor) <br>
3) Holy zombie Jesus! (Professor)<br> 
2) No I'm, doesn't! (Fry) <br> 
1) Bite my shiny metal ass! (Bender) <br>
====of anything====
10) Daymn! (Family Guy) <br> 
9) Everybody gay! (Family Guy) <br>
8) LOL (internet) <br>
7) The content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. (Uncyclopedia) <br>
6) Beware, you're in for a scare! (Goosebumps) <br>
5) Something, something, something dark side. Something something something complete. (Family Guy) <br>
4) Holy s*** dude! (South Park) <br>
3) Moooooooooooooooooooooom! (South Park) <br>
2) Oh my god! They killed Kenny! You bastards! (South Park) <br>
1) OK, OK. He look, like a man. (MADtv)
===List of my Favourite Television Shows===
10) The Tonight show with Jay Lenno <br> 
9) Late show with David Letterman <br>
8) Mythbusters <br>
7) Just For Laughs Gags <br>
6) Canada's Worst Driver <br>
5) Jeff Dunham's... (Specials) <br>
4) MADtv <br>
3) American Dad! <br>
2) South Park <br>
1) Family Guy <br>
===List of Bender’s Top Ten Most Frequently Uttered Words===
10) Chump <br>
9) Chumpette <br>
8) Yours <br>
7) Up <br>
6) Pimpmobile <br>
5) Bite <br>
4) My <br>
3) Shiny <br>
2) Daffodil <br>
1) Ass <br>
===List of Pages I've Made===
====As Chris of the Futurama====
====As Go Bender Kid====
[[Sportsbot 5000]]<br>
[[Transcript:Bender's Big Score‎]]<br>
[[User:Go Bender Kid]]<br>
===List of Images I Contributed===
(From recent to, well, the opposite of recent) <br>
====As Chris of the Futurama====
[[Image:10 Home.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Chris of the Futurama Logo.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Old Freebie Alternate.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Toynami Calculon.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Promo 3ACV14.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Super King Toynami.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Santa Bender Toynami.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Robot Santa Toynami.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Captain Yesterday Toynami.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Nudar Toynami.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Frydo and Leegola.jpg|130px]]<br>
[[Image:Pi-in-1 oil.jpg|130px]]<br>
====As Go Bender Kid====
[[Image:Cubert's Friends.png|130px]]<br>
===List of to-do list===
*Redirect more pages
===List of other usernames I might like to use===
*Futurama Shop
*Futurama Guy
*King of the Futurama
*Futurama Dad!
*The Futuramastones
*Back to the Futurama (not sure if already used)
*I can't believe it's not Futurama!
*The Fairly Odd Futuramaian
*Space Invader
*House on the Futurama
*And more...
===List of Lists I Made===
[[USer:Chris of the Futurama#List of my Favourite Quotes...|List of my Favourite Quotes...]] <br>
:[[User:Chris of the Futurama#of Futurama|of Futurama]]
:[[User:Chris of the Futurama#of anything|of anything]]
[[User:Chris of the Futurama#List of my Favourite Television Shows|List of my Favourite Television Shows]]<br>
[[User:Chris of the Futurama#List of Bender’s Top Ten Most Frequently Uttered Words|List of Bender’s Top Ten Most Frequently Uttered Words]] <br>
[[User:Chris of the Futurama#List of Pages I've Made|List of Pages I've Made]]<br>
:[[User:Chris of the Futurama#As Chris of the Futurama|As Chris of the Futurama]]<br>
:[[User:Chris of the Futurama#As Go Bender Kid|As Go Bender Kid]]<br>
[[User:Chris of the Futurama#List of Images I Contributed|List of Images I Contributed]]<br>
:[[User:Chris of the Futurama#As Chris of the Futurama|As Chris of the Futurama]]<br>
:[[User:Chris of the Futurama#As Go Bender Kid|As Go Bender Kid]] <br>
[[User:Chris of the Futurama#List of to-do list|List of to-do list]]<br>
[[User:Chris of the Futurama#List of other usernames I might like to use|List of other usernames I might like to use]]<br>
[[User:Chris of the Futurama#List of Lists I Made|List of Lists I Made]]<br>
===[[Special:Contributions/Chris of the Futurama2|My Contributions]]===
Click above, I've done a ''lot'' of complaining. [[Special:Contributions/Chris of the Futurama|Here's]] some more.
[[Episode Listing|All]]<br>
<small>(Yes, even [[Into the Wild Green Yonder]]. I'll buy the DVD later! Gosh. )</small>
<small>Haha, did you fall for the new message thing? That would have been SO funny when you clicked it and notice nothing was there. Tell me if you did in my talk page, I need a good laugh.</small>

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Hello Futurama-ians, I am Chris, Chris of the Futurama.