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#REDIRECT [[DeepsaceHomer]]
|title = DeepSpaceHomer
|label1 = Who?
|data1 = A puny Earthling.
|label2 = Where?
|data2 = [[United States of America]].
|label3 = Favorite main character?
|data3 = I cannot decide.
|label4 = Secondary character?
|data4 = The [[Robot Devil]].
|label5 = Anything else?
|data5 = Sentence fragments aren't cool, kids, so stay in school.  Purple monkey dishwasher.
Hello one, all, and anyone I missed.  Simply put, '''''Futurama''''' is one of my favorite television shows ever, which is why I'm here.  When I was a teenager, I watched the show whenever I could from its debut until it's untimely demise.  I go by DeepSpaceHomer, which some will recognize as the title of a {{w|Deep Space Homer|famous episode}} of '''''The Simpsons''''', which is my favorite television show of all time.  But this isn't about '''''The Simpsons''''', it's about '''''Futurama''''', and so all contributions will be about such.  Otherwise, I might get booted.
So, a little about me: I own the first four seasons and the four movies on DVD, and I intend on getting the rest of the series when I stop being poor.  I'm not a hardcore science fiction fan...or frankly have any science knowledge beyond my prerequisite college biology course.  I like '''''Futurama''''' because of the smart comedy and the absurd, Pythonesque scenario that the series inhabits.  I mean, come on...[[robot]]s, [[Sewer Mutants]], [[List of alien species|alien]]s, [[Richard Nixon's head]] as President, and a pantless, idiotic military commander named [[Zapp Brannigan|Zapp]]?  Plus, we get the benefit of having people with advanced college degrees writing low-brow jokes about [[Parasites Lost|bowel movements]].  Comedy gold.
'''May 31, 2011''' -- So I got through 1,000 edits without even noticing it.  And my 1,000th edit was [http://theinfosphere.org/index.php?title=User:DeepSpaceHomer&diff=prev&oldid=88162 an edit on this page about what articles I made].  Apparently, I'm a damn narcissist. -- [[User:DeepSpaceHomer|DeepSpaceHomer]] 20:28, 31 May 2011 (CEST)
I also have a [[User:DeepSpaceHomer/Sandbox|sandbox page]].  I might use it for something, who knows.
== Pages I created or filled in ==
Or, "A section wherein excessive promotion of the user is expressed."  Some of these were originally created by me, and others were redirects that I filled in.
*[[Transcript:Commentary:The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings]]
*[[Grumpy Snail (character)]]
*[[Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits]]
*[[Todd Susman]]
*[[Bill Oakley]]
*[[English language]]
*[[Resin-offering robot]]
*[[Bull Space Moose Party]]
*[[Phil Hartman]]
*[[Carlos Baeza]]
**[[:Category:Episodes directed by Carlos Baeza]]
*[[George Takei]]
*[[Leonard Nimoy]]
*[[Hank Aaron]]
*[[Conan O'Brien]]
*[[Bob Uecker]]
*[[Lucy Liu]]
*[[18th century]]
*[[Mike D]]
*[[William Shatner]]
*[[Jonathan Frakes]]
*[[Public address announcer]]
*[[:Category:Characters voiced by Todd Susman]]
*[[Rich Little]]
*[[:Category:Ultimate Robot Fighting]]
*[[17th century]]
*[[United States Army]]
*[[Richard Raynis]]
*[[:Category:Consulting producers]]
*[[President of the United States]]
*[[Franklin D. Roosevelt]]
*[[Roosevelt family]]
*[[Roswell Army Air Field]]
*[[:Category:Dungeons & Dragons]]
*[[Planet Express attack on Roswell Army Air Field]]
*[[Claudia Schiffer]]

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