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TypeDeath sphere
InventorFCC and USAF
UsageCensor indecent planets
First appearance"In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" (6ACV02)
Voiced byChris Elliott
Current statusActive

The V-GINY is a death sphere created by the collision of an FCC V-Chip and the United States Air Force Flying Destiny. Following its creation, it began censoring indecent planets, such as Planet XXX, Poopiter, and that world that can't be mentioned in polite company, by imploding them (6ACV02). It would have destroyed Earth as well, but the intercourse between Zapp and Leela convinced it not to.


The V-GINY generates an unknown black matter that it uses to destroy planets. It appears to be able to manipulate the matter after firing it, as shown when used on Professor Farnsworth by creating a black bar to censor his nudity. The matter can be generated indefinitely and was used to implode planets.

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    V-GINY: People of Earth, hear the righteous word of the mighty V-GINY!
    Bender: The mighty V-GINY!
    Fry: [He snickers.]