Waterfall family

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The Waterfalls
First appearance"The Problem with Popplers" (2ACV15)

The Waterfalls are a doomed family of environmentalists, members of the family never survive past the episode in which they are the focus, generally being killed by that which they protect or something related.

The Family

In the order they appeared.

Free Waterfall Jr.

See Free Waterfall Jr..
Free Waterfall Jr.
Appeared: "The Problem with Popplers" (2ACV15)

Affiliation: Mankind for Ethical Animal Treatment.
Quote: "That's an Orangutan, one of Mother Earth's most precious creatures!"
Defended: Popplers/Omicronian young.
Died: Eaten by Lrrr.

Free Waterfall Sr.

See Free Waterfall Sr..
Free Waterfall Sr.
Relation: Father of Free Waterfall Jr.

Appeared: "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz" (3ACV05)
Affiliation: Penguins Unlimited.
Quote: "If rubbin' frozen dirt in your crotch is wrong, hey, I don't wanna be right."
Defended: Penguins on Pluto.
Died: Pecked to death by penguins.

Old Man Waterfall

See Old Man Waterfall.
Old Man Waterfall
Relation: Father of Free Waterfall Sr.

Appearances: "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz" (3ACV05), "A Taste of Freedom" (4ACV05)
Notes: First family member to appear in the episode the previous family member died in. Bigamist, Satanist, bisexual.
Affiliation: Lawyer/war hero.
Quote: "Do your worst, you sea devils. I'll make my stand with Old Freebie. You can crush me but you can't crush my spirit!" *is crushed* "Argh, my spirit"!
Defended: Zoidberg.
Died: Crushed by Decapodian Mobile Oppression Palace.

Free Waterfall III

Free Waterfall III
Relation: Son of Free Waterfall Jr.

Appeared: "Who's Dying To Be A Gazillionaire?" (US#005)
Notes: First family member to die in a comic, first to die at the start of a story.
Affiliation: Game show contestant
Defended: A holographic rainforest.
Died: Shot with a laser for getting a question wrong.

Frida Waterfall

See Frida Waterfall.
Frida Waterfall
Relation: Great-granddaughter of Old Man Waterfall, probably daughter of Free Waterfall Jr.
Appeared: "A Taste of Freedom" (4ACV05)
, Into the Wild Green Yonder

Affiliation: The Feministas.
Quote: "Great Grandpa nooo! Another victim of the manocentric male-ocracy!"
Defended: Various subjects, but mainly everything threatened by the construction of Leo Wong's miniature golf course.
Died: Killed by a Dark One.

Hutch Waterfall

See Hutch Waterfall.
Hutch Waterfall
Relation: Brother of Frida Waterfall
Appeared: Into the Wild Green Yonder

Affiliation: The League of Mad Fellows.
Defended: The coming of the Green Age.
Died: Killed by a Dark One.