Worlds of Tomorrow Entry Level Experience

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Entry Level Experience was the fifth event in Worlds of Tomorrow. It began on July 25, 2017 and ended on July 28, 2017 at 3PM PDT.

Party on Omicron Entry Level Experience Space Bee Weekend

Space Missions

Earn extra Career Chips from a new limited time mission on Mars! Available until 7/28 3PM PDT.
Name Planet Fuel needed Unlock requirements Enemies
Climb the Corporate Ladder
"Time for a raise."
Path 1: 18
Locked 1 (Level 9): 20
Locked 2 (Level 14): 23
Locked 3 (Level 19): 26
Robot character level 9
Robot character level 14
Robot character level 19
Wild Buggalo
Native Martians
Martian Spiders
Rock Aliens