Ambassador Mervin

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Tertiary character
Ambassador Mervin
Ambassador Mervin.png
Ambassador Mervin and his aide
Planet of originDecapod 10
ProfessionAmbassador for Decapod 10 to Earth
Former supreme ruler of Earth
First appearance"A Taste of Freedom" (4ACV05)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Ambassador Mervin is Decapod 10's ambassador to Earth, and so his office in the Decapodian Embassy is located in Washington D.C..

In 3003, when Dr. Zoidberg had been sentenced to death for eating the Earthican flag, he fled to Mervin's embassy, where Mervin garantueed the full support of Decapod 10, when Earth attacked the embassy as a method to get Zoidberg out, Mervin declared that it was an act of war, and initiated the Decapodian Invasion of Earth. This led to him becoming supreme ruler of Earth, though only until Zoidberg defected to the Earthican side and destroyed the Mobile Oppression Palace.

What exactly happened to Mervin remains unknown, but it can assumed he is still ambassador.

Additional Info


    Zapp: Remember, men, take him alive so there's something left to kill.
    [The troops use a battering ram on the door. Mervin and Zoidberg run onto the balcony above.]
    Mervin: Stay back! This embassy is sovereign mud of the mud planet Decapod 10. Invading these mud premises is an act of war.
    Zapp: Yeah? Well what are you going to do about it, Shrimp-y?
    Mervin: You wanna see, Mr. Big-Shot? [He speaks into a radio.] Attack Earth. [There is a pause.] Yes I know it's a schlep. Just do it!

    Zoidberg: Ambassador Mervin, you killed my lawyer.
    Mervin: You're welcome.

    Fry: You haven't won yet, Mervin! You didn't expect us to even go to a museum, much less steal this ancient heat-seeking missile.
    Mervin: I don't even know you.