Amy's obscene tattoo

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Amy's obscene tattoo
Leela and Bender looking at Amy's obscene tattoo in Historic 20th Century Apartments in 3000 (1ACV06).
First appearance"A Fishful of Dollars" (1ACV06)

Amy showed her obscene tattoo to the rest of the Planet Express crew in Historic 20th Century Apartments in 3000 after making a remark about the low-definition TVs of the 20th century (1ACV06). We cannot see it clearly due to our primitive technology, but it appears to consist of two red figures, possibly Decapodians.

Additional Info


  • Amy's obscene tattoo exists as a prank on the audience by being deliberately blurred, poking fun at the dominant low-definition TVs on which the episode was likely viewed at the time it aired. However, subsequent years saw the rapid rise of plasma and LCD high-definition TVs, removing some of the humor from the joke for anyone watching on a high-definition TV. Though the argument could be made that the necessary viewing methods won't exist for 1,000 years.
  • Amy also has a talking tattoo (4ACV16) and a moving tattoo (6ACV04).


    Bender: Hey! Get a load of this pathetic 20th-century TV!
    Fry: What's wrong with it?
    Bender: Well, aside from causing eye cancer, these things had a lousy low-definition picture.
    Amy: That's true. On a TV like this, I bet you couldn't even make out my obscene tattoo.
    [Amy rolls her sleeve up to reveal her obscene tattoo, which appears blurred. Bender whistles and Leela chuckles.]
    Leela: That's cute!