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Secondary character
Beck's head
Bendin' in the Wind.jpg
Next to Bender at Bend-Aid.
Date of birth8 July, 1970
Planet of originEarth, USA, Los Angeles
First appearance"Bendin' in the Wind" (3ACV13)
Voiced byBeck
This article is about the Futurama character. For the musician, see Beck.

Beck Hansen (more commonly known as Beck) was a musician in the 20th century and author of his two own dictionaries, the Becktionary and the Rhyming Becktionary, in the 30th century. Beck is now a head in a jar. However, he does use a mannequin he fished out of a dumpster as a body.


30th Century

Beck used to inhabit the Head Museum like all other famous people of the 20th century and past times until one day he and one of his minions went dumpster diving and found a manequin in the 92 cent store dumpster, Beck was then transported to the Cedars-Sinewave Robot Hospital where his head was attatched to the manequin, Beck then gathered up a band and went on tour around planet Earth.

After his tour he went back to the Cedars-Sinewave Robot Hospital to get his head welded to the manequin and there he met Bender in episode "Bendin' in the Wind" there Beck saw that Bender was damaged and couldn't move and he had several grates on his chest, Bender expressed his sadness with Beck and to cheer him up, Beck gave Bender robotic mini arms operated by mental impulses and invited him to be the washboard player for his band. Bender went on tour with Beck and after a concert where the played Beck's hit Where It's At Bender decide to write a song about broken robots to express his feelings about them with Beck and the world.

Finally Bender and Beck decided to make a benefit concert in San Francisco called Bend-Aid where Bender will premiere his song, however Bender discovers that he isn't broken and decides to fake being damaged. At the concert after the performance of Beck's song Sexx Laws Bender premiered his song entitled My Broken Friend and accidentally revealed to not be damaged by dancing around and a chase where Beck, Cylon and Art Garfunkel chase Bender ensues.

Eventually Beck catches Bender and Bender apologises to Beck and decides to leave Beck's band, after settling things in good terms a happy Beck leaves Bender to go on with his tour.

Additional Info



    Beck: Bender, when I'm upset, I write a song about it. Like when I wrote Devil's Haircut I was feeling really... really... what's that song about?

    Bender: Yeah! I'll write a song about broken robots and I'll use real words, not like Odelay!
    Beck: Hey, Odelay is a real word, look it up in the Becktionary!
    [Beck pulls out a book which cover reads Webster's New Abridged Becktionary: From Bzooty to Whiskeyclone.]

    Beck: Thank you, that song usually doesn't last three hours, but then we got into a serious thing... and I forgot how it ended.