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Secondary character
Bev at her son's Bot-Mitzvah in 3012 (7ACV01).
ProfessionSoda machine
RelativesSee "Family" section
First appearance"The Bots and the Bees" (7ACV01)
Voiced byWanda Sykes

Bev is a soda machine which sells Walrus Juice, Mountain Goo, Dr. Jitter and three varieties of Slurm, including Slurm Loco. She was impregnated by Bender in 3012 and gave birth to Ben, which added milk to her selection of beverages. (7ACV01).



Bev was first seen in a character design released by Countdown to Futurama on 2 May 2012 [1] and was later shown with a certificate of abandonment signed by Bender in a promotional picture released by Comedy Central's website. [2]

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  • The name "Bev", an abbreviation of the name "Beverly", is used here as an abbreviation of the word "beverage".
  • In a podcast, Matt Groening states that, in terms of character design, Bev differs from his other characters in that, unlike the others, she, "isn't recognizable in silhouette."
  • In a podcast, Matt Groening and David X. Cohen both state that while Bev was being designed, it was unsure whether she should be the type of vending machine that drops down a can, or the type that first drops a cup, and then pours the drink into it. They finally opted for the latter, as it would then be much easier for things to go wrong while operating it (Hence adding more humor to the show).
    • Yet, she places cups when the drink nozzle is still out.



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