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Tertiary character
Blorgulax with Bender, in 3013, aboard the Planet Express ship. [7ACV24]
ProfessionTeam building
First appearance"Murder on the Planet Express" (7ACV24)
As hitchhikerMaurice LaMarche
True formFrank Welker
As Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg, and FryBilly West
As AmyLauren Tom
As BenderJohn DiMaggio

Blorgulax is a shape-shifting creature. In 3013, the crew went on a corporate team-building retreat that secretly arranged for them to be trapped in the ship with him, so that they would learn to trust each other. [7ACV24] He would eat crew member after crew member, but no one would actually die.

According to the retreat leader — Dan McMasters —, who was his partner until being shot dead by Fry and Bender — the only members of the crew who were not eaten —, he majored in business, at Princeton University.

People eaten


Blorgulax was first seen in a preview clip for broadcast season 10, in February 2013. [1] He was also featured in a piece of concept art, [2] a promotional picture, [3] and a piece of concept art of him disguised as Fry, [4] all released in June, by Countdown to Futurama, as well as in a preview clip for 7ACV24, [5] released a week before the episode aired.

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    Blorgulax: You goin' to Andromeda or thereabouts?
    Dan McMasters: No, sir... but how would you like to be part... of an exciting business retreat?
    Blorgulax: Hmmm... Just don't drop me off on an asteroid, like the last guy did.

    Blorgulax: [as Fry] Leela. I'm honoured. But for your own safety... you shouldn't trust anyone. Not even me.

    Blorgulax: [as Bender] Alright. Fine. You got me.
    I can't keep track of every little detail.


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