Bone vampires

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Bone vampires
Bone vampire.PNG
HomeworldDoohan 6
First appearance"Fry Am the Egg Man" (6ACV22)

Bone vampires are a species of alien creature that was hunted to near-extinction. Their homeworld is Doohan 6. They get their name from their way of feeding themselves: by sucking the skeleton out of their victims. They reproduce asexually. By 3011, they were all extinct, with the exception of one egg that was hatched by Fry. When the Planet Express crew returned it to its homeworld (hoping to reintroduce the species as bone vampires reproduce asexually), the populace feared for their livestock, and set to hunt it down. When it is revealed that the people had excessive livestock to slaughter, they spared the creature because it can bring back the entire species to help kill the extra livestock.


  • Type: Reptilian/Mammalian
  • Name: Bone vampire (Bonus vampirus)
  • Homeworld: Doohan 6
  • Diet: "Carbon-Fibre" (Bones)
  • Powers: Acid utilization, bone-absorption
  • Type of reproduction: Asexual

Additional Info


  • They have a body shape similar to that of a rat.
  • They are capable of utilizing acid as a form of weapon (they have acidic saliva and urine).
  • They are similar to the legendary cryptid, the Chupacabra from Mexico; they look alike, both only attack at night, and they both attack, kill and feed on livestock by sucking out their blood (or, in this case, bones).
  • The term bonus in Latin actually means "good", not "bone"; and "vampire" actually originates from Slavic languages, with no exactly analogous term in Latin. The Latin name for the Bone Vampire would thus more accurately be Ossis vampirus.


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