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Tertiary character
Cinnamon at the Academy of Inventors' annual symposium in 3000 (1ACV08).
First appearance"A Big Piece of Garbage" (1ACV08)

Cinnamon is Wernstrom's pet goldfish.


Cinnamon was used to demonstrate the reverse scuba suit at the Academy of Inventors' annual symposium in 3000 (1ACV08), watched Professor Farnsworth in Fry's body attack Wernstrom in 3003 (US#009) and suffered from common cold in 3004 (US#011).

Additional Info


  • Cinnamon is named after the cat that David X. Cohen had when he was a young child.[1]


    [Wernstrom waves a stick in front of Cinnamon, who is in a tank.]
    Wernstrom: Fetch! [Wernstrom throws the stick across a platform and Cinnamon puts on the reverse scuba suit. Cinnamon gets out of the tank, walks across the stage, picks up the stick and hands it to Wernstrom.] Now, sit! [Cinnamon doesn't do anything.] I said sit! [Still nothing.] Bad fish!
    [Wernstrom hits Cinnamon with a newspaper and Cinnamon sits. The audience applauds.]



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