Commentary:Jurassic Bark (writers commentary)

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Commentary for
Jurassic Bark
Jurassic Bark.jpg
Production number4ACV07
On DVDSeason 4
Disc 2
Standard commentaryTranscript
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer, writer
Eric Kaplan
Ken Keeler
Bill Odenkirk
Patric M. Verrone
Ron Weiner
Jeff Westbrook

Topics of Discussion

  • The life of a Futurama writer (eight of which are the commentators).
  • Mostly spend time re-writing.
  • In the writer's rooms 24/7. David's room resembled a prison with a noisy washing machine nearby, but the second room (run by Ken) had couches rather than tables, only this room had windows, which had a view of animals and an electrical transformer right next to the window.
  • A neighbouring apartment dweller's habits regarding the dog the writers call Poop Dog and a crow called Bread Crow.
  • Plot development of the episode, was going to be mother, then father before settling on dog.
  • Writing process overview.
  • Cohen's preference to take one of three weeks off while writing for The Simpsons.
  • Everyone getting sick at the same time.
  • Live action takes less time to write. Non prime time shows tend to give the first draft of a script to the animators rather than a final draft.
  • Another early plot featuring dog coming to life super intelligent the going into the sun.
  • Troubles with too many/not enough jokes for a scene.
  • Got locked in building, no conditioning after 10pm, chairs had nails pointing up through the seats.
  • Most over educated writing staff.
  • Toy presidents (action figures) were in the rooms that they had battles with.

Highlights / Quotes

    Cohen's script note: [referring to scene at the pizza parlor] Just cut after the argument to see Fry and the dog doing something unsanitary that also shows they love each other. Could involve the sauce.