Commentary:Less than Hero

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Commentary for
Less than Hero
New Justice Team.png
Production number4ACV04
Recorded dateJanuary 2003
On DVDSeason 4
Disc 1
Matt Groening
Executive Producer
David X. Cohen
Executive Producer
Rich Moore
Supervising Director
Ron Weiner
Susan Dietter
Billy West
Actor (Fry/Captain Yesterday, The Professor, miscellaneous)
Maurice LaMarche
Actor (πkea Robot, Raoul, miscellaneous)

Topics of Discussion

  • Episode mostly written in London (but not the one in England).
  • Episode written in 2003 during a surge in popularity of superheros, due to a large number of comic book movies released in that period.
  • User assembled furniture.
    • There was a survey during production among the staff to see if the pieces missing joke was universal, all had experienced it.
  • Andrew (originally Hector) is similar to an abandoned character called Pocket Pal a minature robot that was so cute he drove Bender crazy
  • The AL1 text on the back of the cream
  • Fry's 1990s phrases are rubbing off on Leela.
  • Susie Dietter's 15 year old niece did the layout on one shot of Bender.
    • She also had to answer phones while there.
  • Scene on the roof is possibly inspired by Dark Angel
  • One of the singers of the theme also sang in Michael Jackson's Thriller.
  • A plot involving a bumper sticker was removed.
  • The team can't fly, but can jump high.
  • Dave Herman's process of warming up his voice.
  • Bender's line about a "big fat hen" was one of several nonsensical ones for that scene.
  • The giant ant is normal sized for those in the future.
  • Patric M. Verrone has recordings of all presidents' voices that have been recorded.
  • It is not possible for Leela to run down the steps faster than Fry fell.
    • This information is spoken in a Bugs Bunny cartoon "which may never see the light of day" written by David, story boarded by Susie and voiced by Billy.
  • The story about the Turanga family grounded the episode.
  • Leela's logo.
  • A mutant conversation about fishing and an interrupted phone call of the professor's were cut.

Highlights / Quotes

  • Ron Weiner: Much of this episode was written on location in London.
    David X. Cohen: Is that true? I didn't know that.
    Ron Weiner: You didn't?
    David X. Cohen: You're fired!
  • David X. Cohen [quoting assembly instructions]: When assembling Skuvnar, it is best to be two people.