Desert Reference Photos

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"Desert Reference Photos" is the fiftieth and last post of the 2011 edition of Countdown to Futurama. It was posted on 22 June, 2011.[1] The post consists of a text written by director Edmund Fong and eleven photographs that helped in the production of "Neutopia".


When finding inspiration and reference for a project, nothing can substitute experience. That's not always easy working on a show that takes place over 1000 years in the future and in the case of the episode "Neutopia", on an alien, terrestrial planet. So, instead of jetting out to Mars, I drove to the California desert to photograph a miniaturized version of the Futurama gang amongst the giant rocks in Joshua Tree National Park. The experience of hiking in this otherworldly environment gave a tangible sense of scale and composition that was more informative than any internet search. During production, the photographs provided continuous influence for the artists at Rough Draft Studios and we hope this came through in the final result.

Enjoy it, Meatbags!

Edmund Fong