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Brain kills dinosaur.png
First appearance"The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz" (3ACV05)

Dinosaurs were a diverse group of animals that existed on Earth from approximately 230 to 66 million years ago.


The Dinosaurs were all killed by the Brain Spawn 65 million years ago, as they revealed to Fry in 3004. [4ACV10] Professor Farnsworth later witnessed the event in his forward time machine alongside Bender. However Fry looked away to get himself a beer, and missed it. [6ACV07]

Nevertheless, Dinosaurs returned in some form before the 31st century. When the crew dedicated a day to doing what Fry wanted, he wished to ride a Dinosaur, so they went to the Jurassic Kiddie Park. He fed the T-Rex with a pig but ended up having his hands eaten as well. [3ACV15]

In an episode of The Scary Door, the humblest of all God's creatures that defeated an alien invasion was the Tyrannosaurus rex. [BG]

A Robo-plesiosaur and a Robo-Tyrannosaurus rex fighting in the water. [6ACV09]

Professor Farnsworth created a race of Robo-dinosaurs (or Robo-dinos) which inhabited the Robo-planetoid. They evolved from Trilobots and were killed by a massive electromagnetic pulse caused by a solar flare. [6ACV09]


Only the following genera have been identified.

  • Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Stegosaurus
  • A sauropod (possibly Alamosaurus)

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