Dr. Daniel Zenus

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Tertiary character
Character on The Scary Door
Dr. Daniel Zenus
Scary Door 6ACV17 inventor.png
Realizing the wrongfulness of his ways.
RelativesUnnamed wife
Unnamed son
First appearance"Benderama" (6ACV17)
In the showDavid Herman
Table readthroughMaurice LaMarche

Dr. Daniel Zenus is a fictitious inventor appearing in the "Be Careful What You Wish For" episode of The Scary Door. He is an extremely lazy inventor, who invents a robot to do all his scientific work, as well as his social obligations such as accompanying his wife and taking care of his son.

Only after his robot is given an award for his scientific achievements, Zenus realizes the wrongfulness of his ways. He therefore tells the robot to experience the tragic irony, and pops open a beer.

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    Dr. Daniel Zenus: If only I'd programmed the Robot to be more careful what I wished for! Robot, experience this tragic irony for me!