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Tertiary character
Planet of originProbably Earth
First appearance"Raging Bender" (2ACV08)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

The Floozies are two fembots that Bender dates on occasion. In 3001, when Bender was Bender the Offender, they both dated him. (2ACV08). In 3003, he dated them while at the same time dating the Planet Express Ship. At the time, they were under the impression that he was a lawyer for the mayor's office and the world's strongest millionaire. (4ACV03)

Additional Info


    Bender: Hey, Bender the Offender doesn't need you. Bender the Offender doesn't need anybody!
    Floozie #1: What about us, Mr. The Offender?
    Bender: Well obviously I need floozies! Let's roll!

    Floozie #1: What's it like being a lawyer for the Mayor's office and also the world's strongest millionaire?
    Bender: Well, baby, for starters you need to be honest all the time!
    [Enter Elzar.]
    Elzar: Good evening, Bender. And to your lady friends may I say, "Bam"!
    [The Floozies giggle and Elzar leaves.]
    Floozie #2: You know Elzar?