Hutch Waterfall

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Secondary character
Deceased character
Hutch Waterfall
Hutch Waterfall.png
Date of death3009
RelativesSee Waterfall family
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder
Voiced byPhil Hendrie

Hutch Waterfall was a mind reader and a member of the Legion of Mad Fellows, prominent for his right hand position to Nine.


Hutch is the brother of Frida Waterfall, great-grandson of Old Man Waterfall, and is assumed to be a homeless man. In 3009, Hutch lived in an alley in Mars Vegas and was stumbled upon by Fry, as the latter was running away from the Wong Hotel & Casino with voices in his head (caused by Frida's jewelry being lodged in Fry's brain). Hutch gave Fry his tin foil hat and explained that Fry, like Hutch, was a mind reader. He was perplexed by his inability to read Fry's mind, and accidentally gave away the existence of a secret society. He told Fry to keep the hat on, since it prevented voices from entering and kept the "Dark Ones" from reading his mind (5ACV13).

Later, he met Fry again in New New York. After telling Fry to take off his hat, he knocked Fry unconscious and took him to the Legion of Mad Fellows and to their leader Nine. He helped Nine explain the purpose of the Legion, and told Fry that his nonexistent delta brainwave meant the Dark Ones couldn't read his thoughts (5ACV14). When Fry was working as a security guard for Leo Wong, Hutch knocked Fry out again and took him to Nine. While Nine was explaining the ancient evolutionary arms race with a hologram, Hutch was busy cooking a can of food with the hologram's light. He then helped explain about the violet dwarf star, the Last Encyclopod, the cunning of the Dark Ones, and how to use the Omega Device (5ACV15).

Hutch and a number of Mad Fellows attend the ceremony for the violet dwarf star implosion, where Fry stops the implosion and activates the Omega Device. The Last Dark One is revealed to be the last Desert Muck Leech, and while Hutch attempts to retell the story of the arms race, he is struck down by the Dark One. With his dying strength, Hutch removed Frida's jewelry from Fry's brain, taking his mind-reading powers with it. The Last Encyclopod then took Hutch's DNA so he could preserve the DNA of Homo sapiens (5ACV16).

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