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Fry and Leela sharing a sleigh ride on Hyperion (4ACV12).
LocationOrbit of Saturn
First appearance"The Sting" (4ACV12)
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Hyperion is a small moon of Saturn. It is a frozen wasteland, but has a beautiful scenery. Fry and Leela were there for a sleigh ride during a dream that Leela had in 3003 (4ACV12).

As Hyperion has only appeared in a dream, it is not for certain canon that it exists.

Additional Info


    Leela: The Professor says you're just a dream.
    [The rest of Fry's body appears.]
    Fry: Oh, yeah? [The space around them changes to a purple forest.] Could a dream take you dancing in a Venusian garden?
    Leela: Well, yes, technically. But it's still very sweet of you.
    Fry: Then what if we shared a sleigh ride across the ice fields of Hyperion?
    [The dream changes to the icy moon. Fry and Leela are pulled along in a sleigh by a woolly mammoth. Fry hands Leela a mug and tears open a packet of cocoa.]
    Leela: Oh, Fry! You must be alive; I've never been treated so romantically by my own imagination before.
    Fry: Here, take my jacket. You look a little cold.
    Leela: Thank you. It's all so beautiful. I forgot how many hundreds of degrees below zero it must be. I just wish I could convince the others you're alive.
    Fry: You can. All you have to do is wake up.
    Leela: No, no! Don't say that! This is real!
    [Leela wakes up.]