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Planet Express Ship.jpg

The Planet Express ship was designed and built by Prof. Farnsworth (1ACV01). Its color is said to be Electric Mucus (BG). The ship is capable of traveling at 99% light speed (4ACV09), which is a lot faster than traditional light speed, since the speed of light was increased in 2208, but in fact it does not move at all. Instead, its engines move the universe around it. This is made possible in part by its incredible dark matter reactor equipped with afterburners providing 200% fuel efficiency (2ACV10), and the ship needs about 63 balls of dark matter to be full. However, due to dark matter becoming ineffective as fuel (BG), it now runs on whale oil (ItWGY). The ship has the LX package, but the only noted upgrade is a gold hood ornament which was stolen by a punk in a rough space neighbourhood (BG).