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Secondary character
Cornwood character
First appearance"Futurama Returns" (US#S02)
Voiced byKatey Sagal

Leegola is a centaur version of Leela living in Cornwood. As with Frydo, Leegola is only known by her name because she was named by Titanius Anglesmith. She was a member of the Fellowship (BG).

She and Frydo teamed up with Titanius Anglesmith and the Great Wizard Greyfarn to try and end the evil reign of Momon; along the way, they met up with Gynecaladriel, who seduced the guard of the Cave of Hopelessness so that they could proceed.

Leegola briefly took great pleasure in killing things, but, when she thought she had killed an innocent monster, she vowed never to kill again and went to live in peace with the centaurs and their leader, Hermaphrodite.

Eventually, war struck Wipe Castle and Leegola realized that violence was the only way to save her friends, and destroyed Momon's army with a wave of arrows, leaving no survivors.

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    Leegola: I'm going to enjoy killing you!

    Leegola: Oh, Lord, I'm half horse and half naked.