Leg Mutant

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Secondary character
Leg Mutant
Leg Mutant.jpg
SpeciesHuman (Mutant)
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"I Second that Emotion" (2ACV01)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Leg Mutant has a leg for a body, and is often used by the other mutants as an example of the poor quality of life some of them experience. He was seen as a child, or young teenager, in a flashback of Leela's birth, though he had a baseball cap in place of his Fedora.

The Leg Mutant's possible grandfather, fleeing the Land Titanic's land sinking.

A mutant looking like the adult Leg Mutant is seen fleeing the land sinking of the Land Titanic in 2912. Wearing the same fedora, it can be assumed he was his grandfather.

Additional Info


    Turanga Munda: She's completely perfect!
    Mutant Doctor: In my professional opinion as an ear, ear, ear, nose and throat doctor, she is the least-mutated mutant ever born.
    Turanga Morris: And yet she's cursed to live the horrible degrading life of a mutant. Like all of us. Especially him!
    Leg Mutant: It's true.

    Morris: So, uh, anyway, my daughter's Clobberella.
    Raoul: Leela is Clobberella?
    Leg Mutant: You're pulling me!