Leo Wong

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Secondary character
Leo Wong
Wáng Lìào
Leo (left) alongside his wife.
Date of birthBefore 2979
Planet of originMars
ProfessionOwner of Wong Ranch
First appearance"A Flight to Remember" (1ACV10)
Seasons 1-7Billy West
Season 8Feodor Chin

Leo Wong is a rich human who owns the western hemisphere of Mars together with his wife Inez. They farm buggalo at their ranch.

They often are urging their only daughter, Amy, to have children, but are disappointed to find that her chosen parter is Kif, an Amphibiosan. Leo is also the cause of several environmental disasters and huge explosions, including the destruction of Mars Vegas and an attempt to wipe out 12% of the Milky Way in order to create a giant miniature golf course.


Leo's family has lived on and owned the western hemisphere on Mars for many generations, since his ancestor Sir Reginald Wong bought it from the Native Martians with a bead (3ACV10). Leo married Inez Wong and they had a daughter, Amy in 2979. While Amy went off to study at "Mars University" and becoming an intern at Planet Express, Leo has stayed at Wong Ranch breeding buggalo.

In 3009, Leo Wong used his wealth to destroy and rebuild Mars Vegas, and build the biggest miniature golf course in history (ITWGY).

In 3010, he protested against Proposition ∞ after his daughter started a robosexual relationship with Bender (6ACV04).

Leo owns a company known as "Wong". The company constructed the Wong Hotel & Casino, created Leo's giant miniature golf course and a machine that attempted to destroy Saturn's rings. Wong owns at least one subsidiary called Wong Golf.

Character Description


Leo is depicted as extremely selfish and outright mean, corrupt, insensitive and sexist, denying Amy Wong's wish to be a professional golfer because of her gender. Alongside his wife, he constantly tries to control his daughter, and on multiple occassions he tries to make her separate from her Fonfon ru Kif Kroker - an Amphibiosan - because he is not enough man for her.


Additional Info


  • Leo and Inez often describe Kif as "squishy".
  • Leo and Inez paid off Dean Vernon for Amy's acceptance to Mars University.
  • Leo mentions he is friends with every judge on Mars.
  • Both Leo and Inez have a strong desire to have grandchildren.
  • Zoidberg spent a day or two as the Wongs' "son".
  • He likes pie.
  • In their first appearances, Leo and Inez were shown as able to speak grammatically faultless English in spite of their extreme Asian accents, but this trait later disappeared (3ACV10).
  • He also has taken a accent elimination class from Jackie Chan as said in Into the Wild Green Yonder.
  • Leo, along with his wife and daughter, speak Cantonese and English, with Mandarin occasionally slipping in "Proposition Infinity".
  • Leo is one of the few characters in Futurama to possess the "belly bulge" that most Simpsons characters have.


    Leo: I know it them 'cause they no use good grammar.

    Inez: Oh, my Amy's sweet little girl again! This is like a mother's dream. Bad dream, that is! At this rate, I'm never going to get a grandchild!
    Leo: Maybe she not grown up but she sure grown out! She fat!
    Amy: Dad, if you're gonna make fat jokes till I get cute again, I'm just gonna stay in my room.
    Leo: Stay in room? You so fat, you gonna stay all around room!

    Leo: I'm Leo Wong, and I say, "Boom!"

    Leo: I never should have taken that accent elimination class from Jackie Chan.

    Leo: Come home, Amy! It your decision! We can't make you! [Lassos her in.] Attagirl!

    Amy: My parents may be evil, but at least they're stupid.

    Paper-hatted salesman: Popsicles here! Can't mourn the dead without a popsicle!
    Leo: You think a popsicle gonna bring my daughter back?!
    Paper-hatted salesman: No, sir.
    Leo: You just talked yourself out of a sale!

    Amy: What is it with you men? Why does everything revolve around my butt?
    Leo: 'Cause it's so big and massive!