Lord Mayor of Cologne

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Secondary character
Lord Mayor of Cologne
Lord Mayor of Colón.jpg
Sitting on his throne
Planet of originEarth (Fry's stomach)
First appearance"Parasites Lost" (3ACV02)
Voiced byDavid Herman

The Lord Mayor of Cologne is the current reigning official of the city of Cologne and leader of the Worms of Cologne. The Lord Mayor's people came over to Cologne (Fry's colon) on a sandwich when Fry bought and ate a "Fresh" Egg Salad Sandwich from a bathroom vending machine at Greasy Sue's Greasy Truck Stop in 3001. The spores in the sandwich grew into worms and flourished, making Fry smarter, faster, stronger and generally more attractive to Leela.

Additional Information


  • His title indicates that he identifies as male, but his species reproduces with a cloud of spores, so is likely asexual.
  • Once thought he was in love, but then remembered that his species reproduces with a cloud of spores.
  • Ancestors came over on the sandwich.
  • Is an excellent sword-fighter.
  • The worms fashioned their city in Fry's digestive tract using metal from utensils that Fry ate in a deleted scene where the worms made him crave silverware.
  • David Herman, who voices the Lord Mayor of Cologne, also voices Mayor Poopenmeyer.


    Lord Mayor of Cologne: He's bluffing! No creature would willingly make an idiot out of itself.
    Fry-Droid: Obviously you've never been in love!

    Lord Mayor of Cologne: You've damaged your brain, Universe, but no more than a week of binge drinking or five minutes on a cell phone.

    Lord Mayor of Cologne: Stop! We'll leave. But one day you'll be eating a fast-food burger and boom! You'll be crawling with us again. Ever wonder what makes special sauce so special? Yo!