Möbius dragstrip

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Möbius dragstrip
Möbius dragstrip.png
The Möbius dragstrip in 3013. [7ACV15]
LocationNew New York (likely Flatbush)
First appearance"2-D Blacktop" (7ACV15)

The Möbius dragstrip is a dragstrip in New New York. In 3013, it was used for a race between Leela and the professor. [7ACV15] During the race, Leela's shipa new, safer Planet Express ship — and that of the professor — a modified version of the Planet Express ship itself — collided at relativistic speed, causing Leela, the professor, Fry (who was in the collision zone), and Bender (who was in Leela's ship) to be transported to a two-dimensional reality. Sal later used a hovertruck to take the wreck to his impound lot.

Additional information

The Möbius dragstrip's start and finish line. In the middle is a member of the street-racing gang. On the left is the Planet Express ship. On the right is the new Planet Express ship.


  • The name "Möbius dragstrip" refers to the fact that the dragstrip is a Möbius strip.
  • An image of the Möbius dragstrip is used on the individual episode menus for Volume 8.



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