Macchina magnifica

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Macchina magnifica
TypeDoomsday device
InventorLeonardo da Vinci
Owner(s)Leonardo da Vinci
First appearance"The Duh-Vinci Code" (6ACV05)
Current statusDestroyed

The macchina magnifica was a doomsday machine designed and owned by Leonardo da Vinci, and constructed with help from Fry, who was led to believe it was an ice cream machine [6ACV05] (ice cream is only a byproduct of use). The machine was used to attack those on Planet Vinci who had made Leonardo and Professor Farnsworth feel inferior, but it was stopped and presumably ruined by Fry before it killed too many.

Additional information


  • Though its primary purpose is to exterminate everyone who ever made its inventor feel inferior, its byproduct is ice cream.
  • "Macchina magnifica" translates to "magnificent machine" in Italian, and, with a minor change in spelling, Latin.


    Leonardo da Vinci: Behold, my unstoppable doomsday machine!
    Fry: And I helped! ... Wait, you told me it was an unstoppable ice cream machine!
    Leonardo da Vinci: Ice cream is just a by-product of the machine. It's primary purpose is to exterminate everyone who ever made me feel inferior!

    Leonardo da Vinci: Oh yeah?! Let's see how hard you're when my doomsday machine chops off your face!

    Biff: Some doomsday machine! It barely killed anyone!