Maple Craters

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Maple Craters
Maple Craters.png
An Exclusive Field of Planetary Debris.
LocationSolar system, Venus
First appearance"The Route of All Evil" (3ACV12)

The Maple Craters are an exclusive suburban housing area on asteroids orbiting Venus. Their slogan is An Exclusive Field of Planetary Debris. They close to Earth, so some children living there go to Wozniak Nerd Academy, a school orbiting Earth, and Earthican kids deliver Daily Supernova newspapers to these houses, like Cubert Farnsworth and Dwight Conrad did with Awesome Express. Inhabitants in the Maple Craters include Horrible Gelatinous Blob, his wife, his son, and the Little Prince, among others.

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  • Given the planet's short distance to Earth, its purple color and that Blobs are Venusians, it is highly probable the planet with rings is Venus.
    • This suggests people have created or moved asteroids to serve as the foundations for houses since the 21st century.
    • This conclusion seemed unlikely because Venus is not purple in real-life. The only other time Venus has been seen in the series was during Leela's coma dream which is of dubious canon status, but she would have seen Venus at least in passing during one or more of her flights and would therefore know the colour of the planet.