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"Me, Bender" is one of Bender's common catchphrases, although it is not used as much as "Bite my shiny metal ass". Often, when Bender refers to himself as "Me", he follows it with "Bender", making the phrase "Me, Bender".

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    Bender: Hey, rich girl, over here! It's me, Bender!

    Bender: It seems that Flexo outsmarted us all...especially me...Bender.

    The Professor: We need you to find the source of the beam and disable it.
    Bender: What's in it for me, Bender?

    Bender: We can call it "Bend-Aid", after me, Bender! But don't forget who's the star of the, Bender.

    Bender: It'll take more than that to surprise me, Bender!

    Bender: Fry, old buddy, it's me, Bender!

    Bender: While sawing off the professor's hand with an extremely dull saw, I had some time to think. So I asked myself, "Who could use a doomsday device more? The scammers, or me, Bender?". After several minutes of sawing, I knew the answer: Me, Bender!

    The Professor: This is a problem that will solve itself.
    Bender: A problem that solves itself? That sounds like a job for me, Bender.

    Bender: Aw, I'm gonna call him Ben, after the first half of me, Bender!

    Benderplate: And that, dear boy, is how I saved the Queen from unruly Space-Urchins! Me, Benderplate!

    Bender: Get to the point! What does it say about me, Bender?

    Chris Travers: Does anyone have any questions?
    Bender: I do, I do! Me, Bender!

    Bender: Now I'm gonna sing my new masterpiece, "The Ballad of Me, Ramblin' Rodriguez".

    Bender: After they said I had an obnoxious ego? Me? The magnificent Bender?

    Fry: Have you been using my toothbrush to polish your ass again?
    Bender: What?! Me?! Bender the robot?!

    Bender: Bending?That sounds like a job for me, Bender!


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