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In 2001, Rocket USA were given the rights to produce a series of metal clickers alongside its production of figures and tin signs. The first 10 clickers were round in shape while the next three were shaped like the front design. Some of the clickers also came with a set of die cast figures.

Name Image Date Additional Details
Nibbler, Friendly Robots, Planet Express Ship Metal clickers series 1.png 2001
Bender, Morbo, Mom Metal clickers series 2.png 2001 Bender clicker also available with Hermes and Nibbler die cast figures
Doop, Friendly Robots, Slurm Metal clickers series 3.png 2001 Doop clicker also available with Farnsworth and Leela die cast figures. Slurm clicker also available with Bender and Fry die cast figures
Kif Metal clickers Kif.png 2001 Only available with Amy and Zoidberg die cast figures
Bender Metal clickers Bender.png 2001
Robot Devil Metal clickers Devil.png 2001
Nibbler Metal clickers Nibbler.png 2001