The New New York Times

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The New New York Times
New New York Times.png
A front page of the NNY Times in 3011 featuring Professor FarnsworthDisputed canon (6ACV26).
LocationNew New York, USA, Earth
Organisation typeNewspaper
First appearance"Reincarnation" (6ACV26)

The New New York Times is the 31st century equivalent of The New York Times, which means that it is a newspaper published daily in New New York.


In 3010, Scoop Chang asked Mayor Poopenmeyer a question for The New New York Times at the Annual e-Waste Recycling Festival (6ACV03).

In 3011, The New New York Times covered the news following the discovery of the Grand Unified Theory by Professor FarnsworthDisputed canon (6ACV26).

In 3013, The New New York Times reported Bender's firefighting heroics (7ACV18).

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