New New York v. Santa Bender

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New New York v. Santa Bender
New New York Post report of Santa Bender's arrest.
LocationNew New York Court
Judge(s)Judge Whitey
DefendantSanta Bender (mistaken for Robot Santa Claus)
Charged for"Crimes" against humanity
VerdictSentenced to be executed at sundown
Appearance"A Tale of Two Santas" (3ACV03)

The New New York v. Santa Bender case was a trial by the New New York Court, with the Honourable Judge Whitey presiding. Being mistaken for Robot Santa Claus, Santa Bender is brought before Judge Whitey to be tried for his "crimes" against humanity. Pramala was the witness in the trail. The decision of the judge was that the Robot was guilty because "I have a ham dinner with mayonnaise waiting for me at my mansion". Santa Bender was sentenced to be executed at sundown.

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