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The Planet Express ship flying by Norway (6ACV13).
First appearance"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" (6ACV13)
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Norway is an Earthican country in 31st century Northern Europe that the Planet Express crew visited during Xmas 3010 to find pine seeds (6ACV13). In 3001, Bender pretended to be its Prime Minister so that he could be hired at Applied Cryogenics (2ACV19).

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    Ipji: Just put your hand under the scanner so I can verify your career chip. [He takes something out of a drawer and scans Leela's hand. It beeps and he looks at his computer screen.] Calcutta, we have a problem. [The screen reads CAREER: DELIVERY BOY. Leela concludes that she must have mixed up the chips. Fry is identified as a cryogenic counsellor.]
    Bender: Hey, let's see what it says about me. [He takes a severed Human arm out of his chest cabinet and Ipji scans it. The screen reads PRIME MINISTER OF NORWAY.]
    Ipji: Welcome aboard, sir.


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