Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell

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Tertiary character
Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell
Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell.jpg
Ageat least 64
Date of birthBefore 2960
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionProfessor at MU
First appearance"That Darn Katz!" (6ACV08)
Machine VoiceBilly West
Animal SoundsFrank Welker

Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell is a robot who is known as a brilliant scientist at Mars University. He proved that the cow says "moo" in 2960 and he's been coasting on it ever since. For a head, he has an animals sound machine, a children's toy, that he uses in speech. Apparently the different animals don't always say what they are supposed to. For example, his horse says "doctorate denied". He is one of the few robot professors in Universe Γ. In 3010, he was part of the examining committee of Amy Wong's doctorate, which he denied.

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  • The animals shown on his head are a frog, a chicken, a dog, a cow, a horse, a pig, a sheep and a duck.
  • His name references Fisher-Price and Speak & Spell, although the head and "the (animal) says..." gag is from a See 'n Say.
  • Note that since cows are extinct in the future (1ACV06), proving what sorts of sounds they made when they existed could be a more significant accomplishment than it seems.


    Professor Morris Katz: Allow me to introduce your examining committee in order of grumpiness. Professor Ogden Wernstrom.
    Professor Farsnworth: Wernstrom!
    Professor Morris Katz: Downtown professor of Applied Physics, Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate.
    Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate: I see by your curriculum vitae that you're a Sagittarius.
    Professor Morris Katz: And Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell.
    Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell: The cow says... [He makes a "moo" sound.]
    Professor Farnsworth: [Whispering to Bubblegum.] He proved that 50 years ago, and he's been coasting on it ever since.
    Professor Morris Katz: I am the esteemed Professor Morris Katz, and you are wasting my time.

    Professor Katz: We shall now vote, "Yea" or "Nay". Nay.
    Wernstrom: Nay!
    Bubblegum: Hell, nay!
    Professor Shpeekenshpell: The horse says, "Doctorate denied".