Queen of Yonkers

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Tertiary character
Queen of Yonkers
Royalty Girl.jpg
The Queen telling Calculon about her great-uncle, who once saw a rat (6ACV12).
Planet of originProbably Earth, UK or Earth, USA, NNY
ProfessionQueen of Yonkers
RelativesUnknown great-uncle
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting"
Voiced byTress MacNeille
For other uses, see Queen (disambiguation).

The Queen of Yonkers[1] is a blonde and posh female Human. Where she is from is unknown, although it is likely that she is an Earthican citizen. Her British accent suggests she is from the United Kingdom, but, as she was invited to the 3010 Astor Endowment Fundraiser in New New York (6ACV12), an event at which only the best Earthican families were present, it is also possible that she is from the United States.


In September of 3010, the Queen of Yonkers attended the Annual Astor Endowment Fundraiser in the headquarters of the New New York Historical Society (6ACV12). She sat at the same table as Mayor Poopenmeyer, Professor Farnsworth, Fry, Leela, Ron Whitey, two brown-haired Humans (both a male and a female), and Calculon. In response to a Sewer Mutants comment by event host Mrs. Astor, the Queen revealed that her great-uncle once saw a rat. While at the fundraiser, she also assisted Leela's arrest by the NNYPD. She was later seen walking on the streets with the Mayor, on which is assumed to have been a date. It is unknown whether she and the Mayor have a relationship of their own or not, but they were seen together again shortly afterwards (6ACV14). The date was interrupted when an air conditioner, which had just lifted her dress a little too high, exuded an enormous quantity of sewage that sent the royalty girl through the air. In June of 3012, she got her crown stolen by Ben Rodríguez while sunbathing with Sal (7ACV01).

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    Mrs. Astor: There are thousands of them down there, breeding like rats.
    Queen of Yonkers: My great uncle once saw a rat.