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This article is about the television series. For the planet, see Rumbledy-hump (planet).
Yo Leela Leela 3.png
From left to right: Garbly, Doingg, Princess Num Num, Feffernoose, and Lady Buggle (6ACV21).
GenreChildren's television
FormatLive action
Created byLeela
Country of originThe United States
First appearance"Yo Leela Leela" (6ACV21)
Producer(s)Abner Doubledeal
ChannelThe Tickelodeon Kids Network

Rumbledy-hump is a children's television series created by Leela in 3011, inspired by the adventures of the inhabitants of the planet of the same name - the Humplings. It was developed for Abner Doubledeal's Tickelodeon Kids Network, written by Leela, and directed by Doubledeal and Leela, starred members of the Planet Express crew as the Humplings, and won a Slurmie for "Best New Kids' Show". When the planet was discovered, the series was turned into a reality show, starring the real Humplings (6ACV21).


First episode

The following is a transcript of the first episode of Rumbledy-hump.

    Doingg: I like ice cream. [He licks an ice cream.] And I like lollipops. [He licks a lollipop.] And I like you, Princess Num Num.
    [Doingg licks Princess Num Num.]
    Princess Num Num: Ew! I'm all licky-sticky!
    [Princess Num Num cries.]
    Doingg: I don't understand. When I like something, I lick it. Like this raccoon!
    [Doingg licks a raccoon.]
    Lady Buggle: Doingg! Don't lick things that don't wanna be licked.
    Doingg: But how do I know what to lick and what not to lick?
    Lady Buggle: It's very simple. [singing] If it's alive, don't lick it.
    Feffernoose: [singing] Like a horse, a turtle, or a cricket.
    Garbly: [indistinctively] I like turtles!
    Lady Buggle: [singing] So, if you're not sure if it's alive or dead,
    Poke it with a stick and lick the stick instead.
    Doingg: Now I get it!
    [Doingg licks a stick and pokes Feffernoose with it.]
    Feffernoose: Ow!
    Lady Buggle: Well, that's all for today. But, before we go, let's do everything we just did two more times!


  • Leela -Executive Producer and Writer

Additional information

The show changed when Garbly had speech therapy.


  • It is a parody of Yo Gabba Gabba!
  • The name Rumbledy-hump appears to be a derivation of Rumbledethumps, which is a traditional potato dish from Scotland.