S.S. Miami Muy Caliente

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S.S. Miami Muy Caliente
S.S. Miami Muy Caliente.png
Exterior of the S.S. Miami Muy Caliente, in 3013, on the Sargaseous Sea. [7ACV21]
First appearance"Assie Come Home" (7ACV21)

The S.S. Miami Muy Caliente is a ship that navigated through a space storm on the Sargaseous Sea, in 3013. [7ACV21] It almost crashed into the rocks supporting an alien's lighthouse, having only managed to escape because Bender's shiny metal ass was able to reflect through the fog a series of flashes that Fry made with Bender's camera.

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  • "Muy caliente" is Spanish for "very hot". Miami has a Spanish-speaking majority.