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Secondary character
Deceased character
Date of deathLate December, 3007
Planet of originPossibly Nude Beach Planet
RelativesOnce referred to as a "brother" by Nudar, as was Fleb, though whether they truly were related is unknown
First appearanceBender's Big Score
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Schlump was a member of the alien nudist scammers. He may have been nothing more than an accomplice to Nudar, the group's leader, though he seemed to be much smarter than he appeared, being able to manipulate someone as cautious as Leela into giving the group her e-mail address. He was killed when the scammers' ship was destroyed during the Battle for Earth, 3007.

Additional Information


  • Schlump's name is never mentioned in the film, though he is refered to as such in the available script draft and concept art.


    Leela: You won't send me any spam, will you?
    Schlump: Oh, no, no, no, no. [under his breath] Asterisk.

    Schlump: What's with the doofy sunglasses?
    Bender: It's really bright in the past.

    Schlump: Ship 'em out, your highness.
    Zoidberg: Finally, some respect.
    Amy: [Eats Gummi Fungus.] I feel a little better.

    [Schlump and Fleb sprunj Fry's pants for the time code.]
    Fleb: Nothin', boss. We sprunjed him in and out and there's no sign of the code.
    Schlump: The only information we found was this hair shaped like the number six.
    Nudar: Gimme that! [He swallows the hair.] Nine.