Shadow Society of Intellectuals

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Shadow Society of Intellectuals
LeaderLeonardo da Vinci
First appearance"The Duh-Vinci Code" (6ACV05)

The Shadow Society of Intellectuals is Leonardo da Vinci's secret organization. Animatronio was to wait for members of the society to show up in Rome, but the Planet Express crew appeared instead. Every member of this organization is supposed to know the function of the Macchina Magnifica.

They are probably Vincians, as it's on Planet Vinci that live the Universe's greatest minds. The Intellectuals are supposed to have deep mathematical knowledge. But they're not bullies, though, considering this is a club for Leonardo's most trusted people only. Their main purpose is to keep such mysteries as Planet Vinci, the Macchina Magnifica, and Da Vinci's Spacecraft hidden forever.

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    Animatronio: You know not the function of the Macchina Magnifica? Then thou are not members of the Shadow Society!