Singing Wind

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Tertiary character
Singing Wind
SpeciesNative Martian
Planet of originMars
ProfessionChief of the Native Martians
First appearance"Where the Buggalo Roam" (3ACV10)
Voiced byBilly West

Singing Wind is the chief of the Martians exiled to an underground Martian Reservation. He was very upset about his ancestors' sale of all the land on Mars to Sir Reginald Wong for a single bead, so he frequently conjured dust storms as revenge. On Mars Day (in "Where the Buggalo Roam"), he uses a dust storm as a cover to steal all of the Wongs' Buggalo. After encountering Kif (who had successfully led a cattle drive to recover the lost Buggalo), he kidnaps Amy, recognizes her as the Wongs' daughter. When Kif returns (this time with Zapp Brannigan), Chief Singing Wind conjures a mighty dust storm to smite them all, but relents when he sees Kif flying Betsy, a buggalo, because flying Buggalo is a talent that belongs only to Native Martians.

Nevertheless, when Kif coughs after smoking the peace pipe, he decides that Kif must be crushed by the very bead that his ancestors traded all the Martian land for. Just before Kif is crushed, the bead is identified not as a bead, but as a giant diamond. Singing Wind happily lets his captives go, and leaves the planet with the rest of the Martians, satisfied with the deal that his ancestors had made. He has a large crest of feathers referencing an Indian Chief's headdress.

During the 3012 phenomenon, he returned to Mars (for his stuff), and, after hearing Amy's explanation of the sudden amount of new inhabitants, explains that the calendar wasn't to warn people of the destruction of Earth, but rather of Mars, and that it was placed on Earth to warn Earthicans against visiting Mars ("Why did you think we were so eager to leave this dump in the first place?")

Additional Info


  • Billy West based the voice of Singing Wind on a gardener he met.


    Singing Wind: I am singing wind, chief of the Martian tribe.
    Zapp Brannigan: Take me to your leader!
    Singing Wind: ... moving along.

    Singing Wind: Hmm, We always thought bead was worthless. We assumed our ancestors were cheated because they not have concept of ownership.
    Bender: So we can have the diamond?
    Singing Wind: No. We do have concept of ownership.

    Singing Wing: You mean family that took all Martian land and gave us one lousy bead?
    Amy Wong: Uh-huh. Amy Wong. And you are?
    Singing Wind: Mad at Wong family.


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