Snooty House

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Tertiary character
Snooty House
Meidermeyer (left) and Chet (right)
ProfessionStudents at Mars University
First appearance"Mars University" (1ACV11)
ChetJohn DiMaggio
MeidermeyerDavid Herman

Snooty House (alternatively, Snϴϴty Hϴuse) is a fraternity at Mars University, and can also be used to collectively describe the members within. They're very pretentious, and look down upon most of the other students at the university, specifically the Robot House. They partake in the Big Fraternity Raft Regatta, but lose at the very last moment to Robot House and proceed to topple into the water.

Additional Info

Snooty House's raft: the S.S. Von Snoot


  • Their boat is called the S.S. Von Snoot.
  • Chet and Meidermeyer are the only members identified by name (and Chet is the only one within the episode).
  • Snooty House members are often seen smoking pipes or drinking martinis.


    Chet: I say! You've damaged our servants quarters. And our servants.
    Meidermeyer: This time, Robot House has gone too far!

    Chet: I say, Robot House, your water craft is as ill-designed as you yourselves.
    Meidermeyer: Good one, Chet! [laughs]