Space Paparazzi

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Tertiary character
Space Paparazzi
Futurama Comics Issue 60 Space Paparazzi.jpg
First appearance"Ro-Botox!" (US#052)

The Space Paparazzi are a group of robots that have cameras for heads; and searched the Universe for the latest news. They came after Bender after he had multiple Cosmetic Surgeries and became a highly attractive robot. After hearing Bender was on a delivery ship on Earth, they hunted him down and caused the Planet Express ship to crash by blinding Leela with their ships. However, they failed to recognise Bender aboard the ship because the multiple Cosmetic Surgeries had made him almost impossible to recognise. They then bought an unconscious Fry and Leela and forced them into being their Celebrity-Chasing Slaves, but Bender rescued them by pulling the Space Paparazzi's attention towards Brangelina's Children while he escaped with them.

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