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Secondary character
Stephen William Hawking
Stephen Hawking.jpg
Stephen Hawking in 1999 [2ACV16]
Date of birth8 January, 1942
Planet of originEarth
Member of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers (What-If scenario)
First appearance"Anthology of Interest I" (2ACV16)
Voiced byStephen Hawking
This article is about the Futurama character. For the physicist, see Stephen Hawking.

Stephen William Hawking was a theoretical physicist and a member of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers. In the 31st century, he has become a head in a jar. Like Al Gore's, his jar is rocket powered. He still can't speak so his jar acts as a robot with the same speaking voice. He has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes which can temporarily stun people, though he never knew he could do that until he actually did it. In a non-canon segment, he ultimately quit physics and became a voice-over actor for cartoons.


Hawking appears to be extremely lazy and mean, often stealing credit for other people's discoveries, frequently naming them after himself - for example the Fry-hole, which he called the "Hawking hole" in spite of Fry being the discoverer. When asked if he was the one who created gravity, he played along, though his answer certainly wasn't definitive. Hawking misuses his power and name in academic circles, assuming that no-one will believe Fry over him (which is probably quite true).


In a What-If scenario of the year 1999, Hawking is shown to be a regular at Panucci's Pizza, and he often steals credit for other people's discoveries, frequently naming them after himself. He, Fry and the rest Action Rangers were sucked into the Fry-hole at the end of the scenario.

In the 3008, Hawking is still a well-known and respected physicist, and he is among the scientists trying to understand the anomaly. However, in spite of having written a book on the subject, he still doesn't understand it. [TBwaBB]


Even though in real life, Hawking is completely paralyzed, in animated form, he is able to makes some proper facial reactions. This mistake was made on his appearances on The Simpsons as well, though in his appearance in The Beast with a Billion Backs he appears to be completely paralyzed.

Additional Info


    Fry: Hey! Stephen Hawking! Aren't you that physicist that invented gravity? [2ACV16]
    Stephen Hawking: Sure, why not?

    Mr. Panucci: Hey Hawking, your pizza's ready. [2ACV16]
    Stephen Hawking: Toss it in the garbage.

    Stephen Hawking: There he is. Seize him. [2ACV16]
    Fry: Who said that!

    Stephen Hawking: Welcome, I am the pickled head of Stephen Hawking on a way cool rocket. [TBwaBB]
    Leela: "Black-Hole-Hawking?" Wow! If I knew I was going to meet you I would have done something with my hair.
    Stephen Hawking: You should have.

    Stephen Hawking: In conclusion, I understand nothing about the anomaly, even after cashing the huge check I got for writing a book about it. [TBwaBB]

    Stephen Hawking: I like physics, but I love cartoons. [6ACV26]

    Farnsworth: If only I'd made some sort of mistake. [6ACV26]
    Stephen Hawking: You didn't. I checked the invariance of your lagrangian. Hubba hubba.

    Farnsworth: And, now that I've found all the answers, I realise that what I was living for were the questions! [6ACV26]
    Fry: That stinks, Professor. Too bad the universe made it turn out that way and not some other way. I wonder why it did that.
    Stephen Hawking: Probably magnets.