Stink lizards

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Stink lizards
First appearance"Xmas Story" (2ACV04)

Stink lizards are animals sold by the pet store clerk at Joe's Ark Pet Store. They can be bought for 1 dollar each. There are approximately 500 for sale. Fry considered buying a lizard as an Xmas present for Leela, but he decided to buy a parrot instead. [2ACV04]

In 3017, the universe was pulled into hypnowaves after the Hypnotoad summoned the female hypnotoad from a perpendicular universe. After New New York was reconstructed, the lizards were still at Joe's Ark Pet Store, but were being advertised as "exotic lizards". The Planet Express crew boxed the lizards in exchange for pets from the pet store. Disputed canon

Additional Info


    Pet store clerk: The lizards are a buck each, the parrot is $500.
    [Fry whistles.]
    Fry: That's a hell of a good parrot. Although, I could get 500 lizards for the same price. Girls like swarms of lizards, right?
    Pet store clerk: Sir, the store is closing in two minutes.
    Fry: Alright, I'll take the 500 lizards. No, wait, yes. No. Yes. Yes. Yes! The parrot!

    [After Leela saves Fry.]
    Fry: Leela! Oh, my God! You saved my life. I am gonna get you so many lizards!