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Storyboard for
"The Six Million Dollar Mon"
The Six Million Dollar Mon storyboard 1.jpg

Part of the storyboard for "The Six Million Dollar Mon" was released by Countdown to Futurama on 8 June 2012. [1] The sixth Countdown to Futurama podcast, released on 13 June, revealed more of the storyboard.[2]

Scenes 46-51, 53 and 55-56

Fry and Bender, who are tethered to the Planet Express ship by a two-pronged air hose, are lifting a crate. Hermes, who is doing performance reviews of the Planet Express crew, observes them. He points out to Leela, who is standing next to him, that he could just fire her and have Fry and Bender run the ship. Leela replies that the two cannot run the ship if Hermes continues to stand on their air hose. The camera zooms out, revealing that Hermes is standing on the air hose. He steps off it, causing a huge amount of air to travel into Fry's spacesuit and Bender's torso. The two explode.

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Scenes 130, 132, 134 and 135

In the Planet Express conference room, Farnsworth - who is looking sadly into the sink - says that "[he] was leaning over the sink eating puréed clams when [his] teeth fell in the dispoz-all" and turns to his right - revealing that his mouth is sagged. Hermes - who is in front of Amy and has a square on his chest - tells Farnsworth that "[he'll] fetch [his] hand tools". Bender appears. We see Amy and Fry seated at the conference table. Bender asks Hermes about the hand tools and "why [Hermes doesn't] get an extendo-arm implant, like his". Bender's arm feeds out and reaches inside the sink drain. Farnsworth is looking at the sink. We see Scruffy seated on a deckchair facing the Planet Express ship. Bender's arm lifts out Farnsworth's dentures for a beat, drops them back in and is reeled in. Farnsworth looks at Bender. Hermes says "no more implants" and tells Bender that "[he doesn't] want to end up a cold, emotionless machine like [him]".

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