Taco Bellevue Doctor

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Secondary character
"Taco Bellevue Doctor"
Taco Bellevue Doctor.jpg
Planet of originSirius K-9
First appearance"Bender Gets Made" (2ACV13)
Voiced byFrank Welker

"Taco Bellevue Doctor" is one of the doctors at Taco Bellevue Hospital. His species resembles anthropomorphic Chihuahuas with antennae. While severely underdeveloped in the series, with only a single word spoken, the comic version of the character has a tendency to use words associated with Mexican foods rather than the correct medical terms. He once had Hattie for patient, who asked him how her cyst was, to which he answered, "Grande".

Additional Info


  • As Taco Bellevue Hospital is a combination of fast food restaurant Taco Bell and Bellevue Hospital, this character combines Taco Bell's chihuahua mascot with a doctor.


    Hattie: Tell me, doctor, how's my cyst?
    Taco Bellevue Doctor: Grande.