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This template contains the plot outline for the third three acts of Bender's Big Score, which is the same as the plot of "Bender's Big Score Part 3" (5ACV03). The content of this page is included on both of those articles to avoid the need to change the same content in two locations.

Act I

After a quick recap of the previous episodes, Bender walks up from the basement in the Planet Express hangar, where he announces the success of his mission to the scammers, who delete the virus and erase the time code from his memory. In Central Park, the crew holds a memorial for Fry. Bender arrives at the scene and explains it was he who killed him, though the crew understands that it wasn't really his fault. Fry then suddenly reappears out of nowhere, which greatly relieves Bender. Fry explains how he is where he is...

At 1:00 AM on January 1, 2000, Fry wanted some pizza but realized he had no money from that era. Knowing where he could find free pizza, he went back to Applied Cryogenics, but since the pizza was cold, he traveled back an hour to eat it while it was still hot, where he saw himself kicking Bender into the freezer, and thus a duplicate is made. The duplicate Fry left and the original remained. Fry then realized that his frozen self has a lot of old money, but since his pants were pulled down due to the tattooing of his buttocks, he touched his own butt while reaching for his wallet. In his disgust, he tripped and fell into the tube with his frozen self. The original frozen Fry walked out of the tube on December 31, 2999, the other Fry froze himself for another 7.95 years. He explains that he just came back to the park from the Cryogenics Lab at that moment. Lars, who is here with Leela, leaves as Farnsworth explains to Bender that the Fry he killed was doomed anyway, being a time duplicate.

Fry learns that his duplicate lived for 12 years before Bender killed him, so Fry wonders what his life was like. While the crew members may never know, a series of flashbacks are presented to the viewer. In a flashback, time-duplicate Fry returns to Panucci's, but instead of asking for food, he asks if he can rent the storage room upstairs. Mr. Panucci gives his permission and Fry begins living there. He began living life doing all the things he otherwise couldn't have done, but it is clear that he still misses Leela.

Act II

In 2003, the duplicate Fry resolves to stop living in the past (his past, anyway, as it was in the future) and move on with his life. While watching the news, Fry learns of a rare horned female narwhal named Leelu at the aquarium, who is deeply depressed. Fry decides that this is his calling, and he applies for a job at the aquarium as Leelu's caretaker.

Back in 3007, Nibbler removes the time code from Fry's ass. Since they are all unemployed now because the scammers bought the entire New New York, and the city is being turned into a panda-hunting reserve, the Planet Express crew are all without homes. On Xmas Eve, they are all living in an alley, and lament their misfortunes in a song. Robot Santa appears and attacks them while Leela, who is more concerned with her relationship with Lars than everyone else's problems, explains that he has proposed in the process.


Back in the past, Fry is getting along with the narwhal, Leelu. He teaches her to eat and carries on a friendly relationship with her. But in 2010, he is informed that she must be sent back into the wild. Fry reluctantly agrees, but then later decides to follow the narwhal and capture her back. He spends the next two years at the North Pole, where they reunite.

In the future, the wedding between Leela and Lars begins. With his body back (albeit backwards), Hermes wins back LaBarbara back from Barbados Slim. Fry is the only one displeased about the wedding, who tries to sabotage it by replacing the pen to sign the wedding license with an empty one. When Leela finds out that the pen isn't working, Lars nonchalantly pulls one from his pocket. As they are replacing the pen, they accidentally stick it in Hermes' eye as he is cleaning his glasses. He slips over a rope, and the chandelier falls down, beheading him once more and destroying his time-paradox duplicate body. LaBarbara instantly leaves Hermes again. The Professor exclaims that this was bound to happen, because the body was a time duplicate. When Lars hears this, he becomes agitated and calls off the wedding and leaves Leela at the altar. Fry enjoys a split second of pleasure before he sees Leela crying her eye out.

The episode ends with "To be continued".