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This template contains the plot outline for the first three acts of The Beast with a Billion Backs, which is the same as the plot of "5ACV05" (5ACV05). The content of this page is included on both of those articles to avoid the need to change the same content in two locations.

Act I

One month has passed after Bender's overuse of time travel caused the universe to tear itself open, and people are actually growing tired of being scared. Scientists, dubbing the tear "the anomaly", theorize that it is a gateway to another universe, but no one is certain as to what exactly lies beyond.

While the Professor is busy testing the radiation of the anomaly, Fry introduces the crew to his new girlfriend, Colleen. Ever since he met her in a crowd while gazing at the anomaly and slept with her shortly after, Fry has been quite preoccupied. Bender anticipates great awkwardness to come from Fry introducing her to Leela, but Leela greets her quite warmly. Amy also announces that Kif has asked her to be his Fonfon Ru, meaning that she will be joining his clan and that their parents would also be meeting for the first time.

The entire Planet Express crew is invited to attend Kif and Amy's Fonfon Rubok ceremony on Amphibios 9. As Bender predicted, the meeting between the Wongs and Krokers is quite awkward. Fry and Colleen also grow closer, though Leela doesn't seem to complain about how she is alone. Although unconventional when compared to a human marriage, Amy embraces the bizarre customs and the Fonfon Rubok is completed without difficulty.

Act II

Back on Earth, Bender is upset at how Fry is spending much more time with Colleen than with him, especially after Fry announces that he is moving in with her. Before long, Farnsworth reminds everyone that the anomaly is still there, and that they are going to a scientific conference to learn more (much to their horror). However, no one, not even Stephen Hawking (who is writing a book about it), is able to make any solid conclusion about what the anomaly really is. Farnsworth proposes that, as scientists, an expedition should be made. His archrival Dr. Ogden Wernstrom agrees, but since they both contend to lead the expedition, they must settle their argument in a game of Deathball.

Farnsworth and Wernstrom pit their crews against each other, but their wits are evenly matched. It is only when Farnsworth directly intervenes in the game that the Planet Express crew wins. The victorious Fry is greeted by Colleen with a passionate kiss, who also kisses a member of the losing team, much to Fry's shock. Colleen explains that both men, in addition to another three, are her boyfriends.


While the Planet Express crew prepares for its dangerous expedition, Fry begins reconsidering moving in with Colleen. However, everyone encourages him to follow his feelings for her, so Fry decides to stay behind to move in with her. However, having dinner with Colleen's four other boyfriend proves to be quite confusing for everyone when they don’t understand who people are talking to. The experience quickly overwhelms Fry, so he breaks up with Colleen.

As the crew heads deep into space to the anomaly, Farnsworth receives a message from Wernstrom who tries to warn him about something, but Farnsworth refuses to listen. Everyone decides to send Bender to investigate, much to his chagrin, and warns that the League of Robots will be displeased with their actions. However, the crew dismisses the existence of the League as myth. As Bender makes direct contact with the anomaly (telling it to "bite my shiny metal ass!") it emits a shockwave that sends them all flying aimlessly into space.

The episode ends with "To be continued."