Last Encyclopod

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Tertiary character
Last Encyclopod
GenderUnknown, most likely male, but may be asexual
Planet of originViolet dwarf star (egg)
ProfessionPreserver of species
RelativesSee The Waterfalls
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder
Voiced byPhil Hendrie

The Last Encyclopod is the last of the Encyclopod species. It hatched from the Violet Dwarf Star after it was fertilised by the Chi-laced asteroid. It resembles a giant manta-ray with a biosphere on its back.

The end of the evolutionary arms race

Once the Violet Dwarf Star was fertilised, it rapidly grew into the Last Encyclopod. Once it emerged, it destroyed the last Dark One and ended the Arms Race of Evolution. The Last Encyclopod brought upon the New Green Age. After it preserved the DNA of Homo sapiens, it left for parts unknown.

Known species inhabiting biosphere

The biosphere upon the Last Encyclopod's back contains the DNA of all extinct species that its species has encountered. Those shown or mentioned are:

It could possibly also have the DNA of:

  • Dinosaurs.
  • Elephant birds.
  • Mammoths.
  • Red-headed cobras.
  • Boltus Shock Moths.
  • Anchovies.
  • Cattle.
  • Vergonians.

Additional Info


  • It is unknown if the Last Encyclopod evolved from the snakes or the frogs.
  • The Last Encyclopod is presumably telepathic, as it can 'speak' through the vacuum of space.
  • It is unknown how the Last Encyclopod can fly in space.
  • Technically, the Last Encyclopod is part of the Waterfall family, as it contains the DNA of Hutch Waterfall.
  • It was voiced by Phil Hendrie, who provides the voice for every member of the Waterfall family
  • Since the species were not known to be asexual, when the Last Encyclopod dies, so will every previously extinct species along with the encyclopods.
    • Although since it can bring back extinct animals, it is entirely possible it IS asexual to the degree that it can replicate members of the species through the DNA within it.
  • It is possible that the Encyclopod's appearance deliberately resembles the Spelljammer, a legendary living magical spaceship in the Dungeons and Dragons setting of the same name. It was shaped like a manta ray and had a small city mounted on its back.