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The Thubanian leader speaking to Mr. Winkles and Smudge-Smudge.
HomeworldThuban 9
First appearance"That Darn Katz!" (6ACV08)

The Thubanians are the original species of cats from Thuban 9. They can talk and have been known to be very cute animals. Also, their collars are able to glow. The Thubanians invaded and enslaved Earth in 3010. Their purpose was to steal the Earthican magnetic field, but they were eventually stopped by Amy and Nibbler.


The Thubanians have a culture simular to earths,but are much rather "advanced". Most of their buildings resemble "cat play-houses". They can create clothes and machines as they have somwat been shown to walk(on two legs). They are extremly intelligent. They feed on chicken salmon.


Going to Earth

Their planet was once a place where life was ideal. A sun provided plenty of warm, cozy light. The Chicken-Salmon roamed free. Yet, disaster loomed. The planet's rotation was gradually slowing. At first, it seemed beneficial. But then, it got too hot, and too cold. The top Thubanian scientists went to work. At last, they located a planet with the necessary orientation and magnetic field, Earth. The cats later moved to the "blue-blue shiny ball", as they call it. In Egypt, they were viewed as gods, and largely contributed to the Earthican culture. They constructed the Great Pyramid of Giza, which served to beam Earth's rotational energy to Thuban. In the past years they were on Earth, they might have adapted to human culture, acting innocent and lovable. The truth of "Alien Cat-gods" does link to some archeological theories.

Returning to Thuban 9

After Amy presented her thesis at Mars University in 3010, the Thubanian leader followed her to the Planet Express HQ. He later summoned his friends, who followed him as well. The leader began infecting Leela with cutie-pie demonstrations, and soon every member of the company was under the control of those darn cats. The Thubanians convinced the crew to build something sinister, actually the machine from Amy's thesis. After sending the electric current generated by the machine to Thuban 9, they left New New York. However, as the employees managed to "bring it back", their planet returned to being half frozen, half scorched.


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Additional Info

  • Type:Mammalian
  • Name:Thubanians/Cats(Felinus)
  • Homeworld:Thuban
  • Diet:Milk & Chicken-salmon
  • Powers:Hypnosis
  • Type of Reproduction:Fertilization